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The Košutić family vineyards are situated on the gentle hills of Moslavačka gora mountain and bathed with the Natural park Lonjsko polje to present you with Košutić Wines.

Moslavina is known as a cradle of continental Croatia's winegrowing and winemaking whose worthiness was recognized in the 1st century by the Roman emperor Claudius. It is a subregion in which the Košutić family created a long-term tradition of winegrowing and winemaking. Starting with just seven rows, which also represent our visual identity, family Košutić now cultivates around 12000 vines of quality wine varieties that are recognized by the judges who awarded them with the highest ratings on numerous wine competitions.

On the slopes of Moslavačka gora mountain above the town Kutina, along with the pleasure for your palate the Košutić family offers you world-renowned and indigenous varieties of wine alongside a beautiful view of the Lonjsko polje marshlands. Effort and care, enhanced by the unique reflection of Moslavina's terroir make it the winning combination for making premium distinctive wines with a unique character.

INTERESTING FACT: The Croatian word vina is translated as wines. The term Moslavina is a derivative of ancient Roman words Mons Claudius (The Hills of Claudius) and the Croatian word for wines – vina.

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